#1. Comments on Banco de Portugal’s Public Consultation no. 5/2020.

#2. About the new tax regime for cryptoassets in Portugal.

#3. 2021 and 2022 activity report.

#4. The Reg3 Conference 2022 report.


#1. An introduction to cryptoasset compliance for commercial banks.

#2. Smart contracts and blockchain for regulators.


#1. Portugal at a crossroads in history – February 2021.

    • How can blockchain be a driver for Portugal’s competitiveness in the new digital economy?

#2. The future of cryptoassets in Portugal – November 2021 :: Photos here.

    • A roundtable discussion around Instituto New Economy’s cryptoasset toolkit for policy makers.

#3. What does Porto need to become a cryptoasset hub – February 2021 :: Photos here and output below.

    • Summary of “What does Porto need to become a cryptoasset hub”.

#4. Risks and opportunities of cryptoasset adoption – June 2022 :: Photos here.

    • A roundtable discussion with financial institutions, regulators, and crypto entrepreneurs.

#5. The Reg3 Conference – November 2022 :: Photos here.

    • A two-day conference to discuss crypto regulation in Portugal and around the world.


#1. Federação Portuguesa das Associações da Cripto Economia.

    • The Federação Portuguesa das Associações da Cripto Economia (FACE), or the Federation of the Portuguese Associations for the Crypto Economy, aggregates the major industry groups contributing to making Portugal a crypto, blockchain, and web3 hub: ALL2BC, APBC, and New Economy.

#2. European Crypto Initiative.

    • The European Crypto Initiative (EUCI) is a forum for industry experts and national crypto associations to come together and constructively contribute to develop and shape EU regulation that favours open, permissionless, decentralised applications leveraging blockchain technology.

#3. European Blockchain Association.

    • The European Blockchain Association (EBA) provides an independent platform for blockchain-related communities and organisations. It discusses, develops and elaborates shared work, and organises professional courses on blockchain and DLT technology to deepen the community’s knowledge.

#4. Global Blockchain Business Council.

    • Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) and Global Digital Finance (GDF) have merged to create a 500-member institution – world’s largest industry association for the blockchain technology and digital assets ecosystem – operating across 95 jurisdictions and disciplines.