The Reg3 Conference 2023

The Reg3 Conference is back in 2023, as a side event to NEARCON, with a series of roundtables about Portugal’s national blockchain strategy and about the future themes for crypto policy in the EU post-2024 elections. Learn all about it and get your free tickets at


Crypto Policy for Devs & Degens

Instituto New Economy and Applied Blockchain organised a side event during ETH Porto 2023 to help devs (and degens) understand the implications of crypto policy in Europe. And taxes, because everyone struggles with those, right?


The Reg3 Conference 2022

In November 2022, building on top of the previous year’s roundtable during the peak conference season in Lisbon, New Economy partnered with the EU Crypto Initiative, one of Europe’s top industry advocacy groups, to organise a two-day event fully focused on crypto regulation. The Reg3 Conference was sponsored by Chainalysis, WorkDAO, and Immunefi, had the support of the Portuguese ecosystem, and gathered 45 speakers in-person at Museu do Oriente. Check the full report here and the website for all the details.


Cryptoasset adoption in Portugal.

In June 2022, Instituto New Economy partnered with Chainalysis, the leading blockchain data platform, to discuss cryptoasset adoption in Portugal with traditional banks, regulators, and crypto-native VASPs. The event gathered panellists representing Bank of Portugal, CMVM, Bison Bank, Bit2Me, McKinsey, Millennium BCP and Mercado Bitcoin.


What does Porto need to become a cryptoasset hub?

In February 2022, Instituto New Economy was invited by members of the Porto City Hall to challenge the local community to better understand how cryptoasset adoption can benefit a city and how Porto could become more crypto-friendly, eventually even considering what path the city should take to become a significant web3 hub.


The future of cryptoassets in Portugal.

In early November 2021, Instituto New Economy took advantage of Solana’s Breakpoint conference to gather key policy makers and regulators with and local and global entrepreneurs with a stake in our country. The goal was to explore the key strategic vectors concerning the future of cryptoassets in Portugal, which has the potential to be a very bright one.